Using UNBC Blogs

Creating a blog at UNBC

To blog at UNBC Blogs, go to this link and enter your username and password.

Creating more than one site at UNBC Blogs

You can create as many blogs as you desire on UNBC Blogs. However, you can only do so once you are logged on to UNBC Blogs with your UNBC userid and password. You do not need to create a new username and password each time you want a new site.

Where is my site? And how do I login?

By default, your UNBC blog username and password is the same as your email username and password. Once you login for the first time, your blog with be generated using your username.

For example, if you name is ‘John Doe’ and you username is ‘doej’ your site address will be the following:

Your Dashboard

Writing and Publishing Posts

Writing and Publishing Pages

Saving and Returning to Draft Posts and Pages

Adding categories and tags to your posts