The Town that got Lost – Anyox

One of the things we do to prepare participants for our Ghost Town visit is to send out some relevant reading material.  One of the book we send out is the “The Town that Got Lost” – The story of Anyox!  It is a great read, even if you do not plan to go on the tour.

For almost 38 years Anyox has been nothing but suddenly it lives again in the warm, loving memories of a writer whoi was a boy in the northern British Columbia town where the largest copper smelter in the British Empire was located. But this is more than history of a vital part of British Columbia’s past; its a human story of 3000 people who found strange happiness in a town cut off from the world by mountain and sea, drenched with coastal rains, choked with sulphurous smelter gas, bereft of grass and flowers and buried each winter in snow. People were saddened when it came time to leave. since then fire, weather and time have erased all but a few traces of the haven from a cruel world, that was Anyox.  The author went back and found these few traces and each of them evoked a story.  He has put them together to recreate the “The Town that Got Lost”.


The town that got lost – The story of Anyox