What happened to the person buried under this gravestone on the UNBC Ghost Towns Tour?

One of the highlights on the UNBC Ghost Towns of Northwest BC educational tour is the visit to the cemetery.  It is probably one of the remotes cemeteries in BC as there are no year round residents anywhere near here and when you do it is almost impossible to find as it is tucked away in an overgrown forest.  One gravestone that stands out is the one below.  The first thing guests notice with the gravestone is that it has been turned over and huge whole remains below it.  There are a few  stories behind the overturned gravestone and I will let you decide which one is true.

1. The story goes that a middle aged woman of European descent who was quite wealthy was buried with many of her valuable treasures of Gold and Silver.  She was buried in 1911 and a rumour out there is that after 100 years of age gravestones are fair game to “retrieve” valuables.  The story goes,  that 100 years to the day she was buried,  a huge hole appeared below the gravestone and all the valuables were missing (or maybe never buried).

2. This story goes that the middle aged European woman had not been sleeping well and had decided to take a copious amount of sleeping pills and had passed out and gone into a mild coma.  With no Dr in the small remote community at the time, she was pronounced dead by the minister.  With winter fast approaching and the ground already freezing they had to dig a grave quickly and lay the body to rest without a coffin.  The lady was actually not dead and just feeling the effects of the sleeping pills and with the chunky frozen earth over top of her in the shallow  grave she was able to stay alive and dig her way out of the earth.

3. The story goes that a middle aged European died suddenly and her husband who was the love of her life was devastated.  He visited her grave site every day while living in Anyox.  When the town closed he moved back to his homeland in Europe but could not leave without being close to his beloved wife.  He applied and was granted approval to exhume her and take her back to the homeland where he could bury her again and visit her every day.

If you want want to know the most plausible answer, you can sign up for our Ghost Towns of Northwest BC tour Aug 21-27, 2016 where we will get to the bottom of this unsolved mystery!!

Mysterious Overturned Anyox Grave
Mysterious Overturned Anyox Grave
Where did the person buried here go?
Where did the person buried here go?


The Anyox Bank of Commerce – Is there money in the Vault?

On out Ghost Towns of Northwest BC educational tour we visit the historic and remote town of Anyox.  There are the remnants of many buildings on the site but after almost 100 years trying to decipher what each building was, is a mystery.  Reading books and articles on the town provides some clues on what the buildings were.  We came across one building that had a forest growing out of it, but it had  distinctive brick lined vault type walls.  That was the first clue that this could have been “Bank of Commerce Branch” vault.  The next clue was the excerpt from Pete Loudon’s book “The town that got lost”.  On page 44-45 he states “I remember the town had one brick building”  ( The Bank of Commerce). On his visit to Anyox he states “We found the pile of red bricks that had been the bank”.

The whole town site is a puzzle as it is overgrown but many structures and remnants remain.

Here are a few photos of what I believe to be the bank vault.

A forest growing out of the bank
A forest growing out of the bank
Anyox bank walls
Anyox bank walls
Piles of red bricks from the bank
Piles of red bricks from the bank

The Kitsault Apartment

On our Ghost Towns of Northwest BC we are fortunate to be able to tour the modern day ghost town of Kitsault.  The town has two sets of aprtments.  The multi room family apartments are on a knoll overlooking the ocean while the single room apartments which primarily catered to the single men mine workers is the first building you see upon entering the town.  And by chance it is directly across the street from the Maple Leaf Pub. I can only imagine the men waling across the street after work and going for a beer in the pub. Here are a few photos of the single men apartments.

Kitsault Apartment
Kitsault Apartment

Kitsault Apartment
Kitsault Apartment

Inside the single men apartments
Inside the single men apartments

CFTK’s Open Connection episode on Anyox

As mentioned in a previous post I did a 30 min episode with Robert Pictou from Terrace’s CFTK Open Connection show. The show runs daily at 7:00 pm on

Citywest Cable – Channel 7
Shaw Direct (Starchoice) – Channel 324
Bell Expressview – Channel 257

Watch for future episodes on: Port Essington, Alice Arm, Kitsault & Dorreen

We were fortunate to get a copy sent to us after the airing of the show on the Ghost Town of Anyox.  If you want to learn more about this unknown ghost town then have a look at the below video.  Enjoy!

Kitsault’s Harvest Gold

During our “Ghost Towns of Northwest BC” tour we are fortunate enough to stay overnight in a few of the Ghost Towns. These include Anyox, Alice Arm and Kitsault. Kitsault is the modern day ghost town that has sat empty since 1982 when the Molybdenum mine shut down and the residents were forced to leave. Our guests will be staying in one of the family apartments while we tour the community. If you are looking to be “Taken back in time” then you do not want to miss this opportunity. One of the time capsule moments that stuck with me during the visits is the “Harvest Gold” appliances that accompany each suite. These bring back many memories from my youth when we had the same colored stoves and fridges.

Kitsault Apartment
Harvest Gold Kitchen
Harvest Gold Countertop

Kitsault in the News!

One of the stops on the Ghost Town Tour is Kitsault

The town of Kitsault was established in 1979 as the home community to a molybdenum mine run by the Phelps Dodge corporation of the United States. The community was designed for 1,200 residents and included a shopping mall, restaurant, hospital, swimming pool, bank, movie theatre and bowling alley.[1] In 1982, however, prices for molybdenum crashed and the entire community was evacuated after just 18 months of residence. Now the only thing missing are the people.

In 2004, the ghost town was bought by Indian-American businessman Krishnan Suthanthiran for $5.7 million

Ninety-four homes, two hundred apartments, a hospital, shopping mall, swimming pool restaurant, movie theatre, sports centre, a Royal Bank; all the amenities you could possibly need in this remote part of the world await behind the towering mountains.

Here are a few videos and articles on Kitsault that have made the news in the past.

16×9 – Ghost Town: Canadian community abandoned 30 years ago


Wings over Canada – Kitsault


Northword Magazie – Kitsault and Alice Arm

Getting excited about Banks & Groceries!

On our Ghost Towns of Northwest BC we will get you excited to see modern day businesses.  We will travel by boat across Alice arm to the modern day Ghost Town of Kitsault. Our exclusive access to this site will include a tour of the site and the many buildings that have sat vacant as is since 1981. This will include the shopping centre, swimming pool, school, theatre and much more. We will spend the night in this ghost town in one of the 1980’s style apartments.

Here is an 16×9 short documentary on the town that is quite interesting!

The empty shelves of the local grocery store that has sat vacant for 35 years.

The old Royal Bank which served the customers for just over a year in 1981! Looks like it could be opened up on a moments notice!

36 years of emptiness in Kitsault Shopping Centre