What lies below the Cannery Tides?

One of the most interesting times to explore the old canneries of the Skeena River is at low tide. This area still has upto 20 ft tides and for a few hours each day the shores come alive with items from the past that provide some insights into the history of these abandoned sites. We usually visit a couple of them at low tide and provide the guests with some time to explore. Old animal skulls, bones, teeth, headstones, bricks, beach glass, muffin pans, pots, ceramics, and much more still remain. Every cannery is unique with the remnants from the past depending on the dismantling, length of operation and year it closed. These seldom visited sites are truly a unique trip and we visit them on our Canneries of the North Coast tour in May 2017.

Skulls below the tide
Claxton Cannery at low tide
My thats a big tooth
Muffin Pan
Abandoned Headstone visible at low tide
More low tide cannery remnants





2017 Canneries of the Northcoast Tour

Canneries of the Northcoast

May 8-11, 2017
Cassiar Cannery, Port Edward, BC

We are excited this year to have a new format for the canneries tour.  We have three  jam packed days of touring the old cannery sites of the seldom visited  lower Skeena River.

Rusty Old Cannery Roof

Explore the once thriving canneries and fishing communities of the lower Skeena River and Chatham Sound. For three days and four nights you will be immersed in the history of this region as we spend out nights in the newly renovated manager’s houses on the site of Cassiar Cannery. This will be our base for exploring the area as we leave each morning by Jet Boat on a new adventure. This seldom explored area is home to some of the most unique and interesting historical sites. Over twenty canneries once lined the bank of the Skeena and ocean shores, but they have all since closed and only remnants remain. The history from the 100 years of operation is rich and plentiful as we get to see for ourselves the locations of all these sites.

Old boat layed to rest

Explore the following Canneries:
• Balmoral
• Carlisle
• Cassiar
• Claxton
• Haysport
• North Pacific
• Porcher Island
• Port Essington
• Dominion
• Sunnyside
• Inverness

Old Cannery on skeena Slough

• Oceanic

Port Essington Pilings by guest Andrew Pugh



Cassiar Cannery Manager Houses voted one of the most unique accommodations in BC