Port Essington Photo Opportunities

Port Essington is another stop on our Jet Boat Photography and Ghost Towns of Northwest BC programs.  It is a remote historic that is difficult to access and coordinate.  It is located on the lower Skeena River which is impacted by 16ft tides  which makes the launching of boats and planning of activities very important.  The jet boat ride on the lower Skeena River is amazing though as we cruise past the remnants of many old canneries as this was the centre of the canneries on the Skeena River. We will explore the cannery site and the view what is left before it all disappears.  The highlights are the old boardwalk and the objects that line the forest just up from the beach.

The Pilings at Port Essington at Low tide
The Port Essington Boardwalk which runs along the shore of Port Essington

Anyox Dam

The 44 metre high, 207 – metre long concrete dam on Anyox Creek was built in 1924 to power a copper mine and smelter, and abandoned in 1935.

In the mid 1920′s the town of Anyox was a thriving community of over 3,000, with each home supported by electricity and hot water from the hydroelectric plant.

In the early 1920s concrete pioneer and dam engineer John S. Eastwood designed the  hydroelectric dam as it stood as the tallest dam in Canada for many years.

We will have the opportunity to explore in and around this magnificent structure that seems so out of place in the middle of nowhere.

The owner of the site Jeff Wolrige still has plans to one day reactivate the dam and start producing power again.  For now the water passes through the dam through a couple of small outlets and a larger hole that they created with dynamite to alleviate any backlog of water while decomissioned.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be one of a handful of people to visit the dam this year!

Come and explore the Anyox Dam as a part of the Ghost Towns of Northwest BC
Exploring the Inside of the Anyox Dam

Jet Boat Photography 2014 Group Pic

This photo was taken on the first day of the trip last year with the entire group. We had only boated up 5-10 km or so up this amazing river and got out to take some photos of the waterfalls and snow fields that come right down to the shore of the river in JUNE!

Jet Boat Group Photo 2014


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