Oona River Fishing Community

The early 1900’s fishing community of Oona River is one of our stops on the May 29-June 3, 2016 “Canneries of the Northcoast” tour through Continuing Studies.  The community lies on the southeast corner of Porcher Island. The community boasts over 130 boats being built there in one of the many boat building sheds.  Many of these boat sheds still remain today even though no boat building occurs.  The sheds and old boats spending their final resting days on the shores of Porcher Island are a photographers paradise.  We will also have a local community member tour us around the site and share her history and knowledge of the place.   Here are a few photos of Oona River.

One of the many Oona River Boat Houses
A low mist settling over the entrance to Oona River
Oona River Boat in it’s final resting place