Grizzly Bear Stalking

On our Northwest BC Grizzly Bear Discovery tour we use jet boat son a few of the days to travel on the ocean to remote coastal estuaries that are filled with thick carpets of Lyngby Sedge.  We use jet boats so that we can maneuver through all the side channels and that intertwine amongst the estuary.  The shallow draft of the jet boat allows us to pole or use electric motors to slowly stalk and maneuver the boat into position to see the bears without scaring them.  We know the bears come out every day to feed so sometimes its just a matter of time before they decide to show themselves.  At the end of the bear viewing day we then use the louder jet boat engines to cruise of the river on a sightseeing tour. This year’s tour is June 6-10, 2017 starting in Terrace, BC.

Looking for Grizzlies
Stalking Grizzlies in the estuary
A mom and cub feeding on the sedge grass
Looking for bears in a coastal estuary
A family of bears posing for the camera