Grizzly Bear Adventure Program

Are you a photographer or adventurer who likes to explore off the beaten path. Our “Northwest BC Grizzly Bear Discovery Tour” is a tour uses jet boats, ocean boats and seaplanes to access some of Northwest BC’s most inaccessible and remote Grizzly Bear viewing areas.  Imagine being poled through narrow channels surrounded by fields of sedge grass and waiting in anticipation around each bend for the perfect photo of of a grizzly bear in its natural habitat. We utilize jet boats and ocean boats maneuver the guests into that perfect location for bear viewing.  Imagine staying overnight in a lodge in the midst of a grizzly bear sanctuary where the bears are only minutes away.  Imagine jet boating through narrow ocean inlets to remote estuaries where feeding grizzly bears go about there daily fill of lygby sedge.  You do not want to miss this opportunity view, photograph and explore northwest BC in search of the Grizzly Bear. Photos credit @simonsees

Northwest BC Grizzly Bear Discovery Tour

Grizzly Bear beachcombing
Grizzly Bear eating Lygby sedge
Coastal Grizzly Bear
Family of Grizzly Bears exploring the coastline
Young Grizzly Bear