Canneries of the NorthCoast

Canneries of the Northcoast

May 13-17, 2019
Cassiar Cannery, Port Edward, BC

$1695.00 Includes all accommodations, meals and transportation

$500 deposit required to hold a seat!

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Explore the once thriving canneries and fishing communities of the lower Skeena River and Chatham Sound. For three days and four nights you will be immersed in the history of this region as we spend out nights in the newly renovated manager’s houses on the site of Cassiar Cannery. This will be our base for exploring the area as we leave each morning by Jet Boat on a new adventure. This seldom explored area is home to some of the most unique and interesting historical sites. Over twenty canneries once lined the bank of the Skeena and ocean shores, but they have all since closed and only remnants remain. The history from the 100 years of operation is rich and plentiful as we get to see for ourselves the locations of all these sites.

Explore the following Canneries:
• Balmoral
• Carlisle
• Cassiar
• Claxton
• Haysport
• North Pacific
• Porcher Island
• Port Essington
• Dominion
• Sunnyside
• Inverness
• Oceanic

Old Boat at rest at Oona River
Old Boat at rest at Oona River

Stops will also be made at the following communities:
• Osland – Icelandic Skeena River fi shing community
• Oona River – Historic boat building community
• Shirley Mills – historic water powered sawmill
• Remote Hotsprings
• Historic Prince Rupert features like Hospital Island and Petroglyphs

Port Essington Pilings
Headstone at the Port Essington Cemetery

One of the highlights will be exploring Port Essington, one of the most prominent and historic Canneries on the Skeena. Port Essington is ideal for history and photography enthusiasts. The moss covered headstones of the cemetery and the remnants of the boardwalk that once connected all areas of town provide unique and exclusive photo opportunities. If you are interested in old relics and items from the past is of interest, wandering through the town site will be a-dream-come true. Discarded bones from an early 1900’s butcher shop litter the beach and at low tide provide scenes of mass carnage. Decaying cannery pilings that have been standing for a hundred years provide clues to what once stood at these spots.

Frizzel Boneyard at Port Essington
The 100 year old remains of the cattle that were slaughtered and their bones thrown over the George Frizzel wharf at Port Essington

“Cannery Row” on the Inverness Passage, at one time, had the highest concentration of Canneries in the region. Presently, the condition of each Cannery varies, from a few pilings at Sunnyside, to the fully restored North Paci¬fic Cannery National Historic Site. One of the highlights of the day will be the ability to view all these canneries from the boat, providing unique perspectives and viewpoints. Cannery row is also home to many weathered derelict ¬ fishing boats that you will have the opportunity to photograph up close and personal. Time will also be allotted to explore your home base the Cassiar Cannery and its many remnants from the past.

Old Relic Boat on the Shore of Cassiar Cannery

The unique and seldom visited Icelandic fishing village of Osland is a real gem of the Skeena. The village still has seasonal occupants, has a variety of interesting features along the one kilometer boardwalk that spans the community. The Carlisle and Claxton Canneries line the south shores of the outer Skeena and have row upon row of old pilings and other unique relics waiting to be discovered at low tide.

North Pacific Cannery
Oona River Fog
Boat House at Oona River

During the tour we will spend4 nights at the historic “Cassiar Cannery”. The houses on the Skeena Estuary are the Former homes of the cannery managers, the houses have been restored and are fully furnished with luxury linens and complete kitchens.

Cassiar Cannery Accommodations

Who Should Attend
Those with a sense of adventure, and those looking to explore new and seldom visited locations. The small group size of upto 10 guests will allow us to make this a very personal and authentic experience for all.