Anyox – “The Town that got Lost” 2018 Tour Highlights

Our June 2-3, 2018 tour to Anyox was one of our best as we had a couple of guests ( future story to come ) that had relatives that had lived and work in the copper mining town. This remote and hard to access ghost town has been abandoned since 1942.  Even after that many years the structures that remain are like gong back into a time warp.  With special permissions from the owner to visit and tour the site our guests are typically a handful of  lucky ones to visit the town each year.  Our group last year lucked out with blue skies and calm seas as we journeyed to this magical place.  Here are some photos from last year’s tour.

We are heading back to Anyox June 8-9, 2019 for those of you that are interested in exploring one of Canada’s most unique ghost towns.

1922 Anyox Surge tank still standing after almost 100 years
One of the guests looking through a window of the Anyox Powerhouse
Guests exploring inside the historic Anyox Powerhouse
One of the many headstones that still stand in the Anyox cemtery
Guests sitting on the top deck of the boat as we cruise down Observatory inlet enroute to Anyox
Checking out the water release valves inside the Anyox dam
Guests checking out the side of the Anyox Powerhouse
Guests photographing a lonely fire hydrant in the forest
The almost 100 year old Anyox Dam
An old steam locomotive lying abandoned in the swamp
The walls of the Anyox General Store
The Anyox Coking plant and stack reaching out above the forest