A Tale of Two Ghost Towns – Kitsault & Alice Arm

The 1922 Alice Arm School
One of the apartment buildings in Kitsault.
Faded stop sign that is not really needed anymore as there is no traffic
Inside the Kitsault Shopping Centre
Access to the town is restricted and permission is needed to enter the town
An old paved road slowly getting moss covered
Inside one of the apartment living rooms
Our guests from the 2018 tour
The empty post office boxes
Swimming pool at Kitsault
The pool table ready for another game
The library still full of books
One of abandoned streets
Another street in Kitsault
A carport of one of the houses
Operating room in the hospital
Curling rocks waiting for another game
A couple of guests in the Maple Leaf Pub
Kitsault Movie Theatre
Squash Courts
Faded stop sign
Blue Heron Gallery in Alice Arm
The entrance to the Kitsault Mall
A faded swing set seat
Chests in the teacherage of the Alice Arm school

One our Ultimate Ghost Town Adventure we visit two of Northern BC’s most unique ghosts towns which are essentially neighbors.  The early 1900 silver mining town of Alice Arm was home to the Dolly Varden Mine and railway while Kitsault just across the inlet was home to the early 1980’s molydenum mine of Kitsault.  Alice Arm still buzzes with hoped of finding the next big silver “find” as exploration crews still scour the valley in the summer.  Other than that the town is largely abandoned with a scattering of locals who spend the summer in the town.

Across the inlet is the modern day ghost town of Kitsault.  It was a complete town that was built on the premise of strong moly prices for years, but after a couple of years the price of moly crashed and the mine was shut down.  The fully serviced town with shopping mall, swimming pool, basketball court, curling rink, hospital, pub, movie theater, apartments and houses sat vacant until 2005 when Viriginia business man bought the town sight unseen for 5.7 million dollars.  The town has still sat vacant other than caretakers and a summer crew of maintenance people.

Everything still remains relatively eerily as it was in 1982.  We are fortunate enough to be granted access to tour the town and also stay overnight in it.

We will be heading back to Kitsault and Alice Arm,  August 17-18, 2019 for any of you that are interested.  Here are some photos from last year.