One of the most Unique Northern BC Experiential Tours

Take an opportunity to be a part of one of the most Unique Northern BC Experiences around!   The 2 day Upper Fraser White Sturgeon Tour allows the average person to assist with the gathering of data on one of the most unique fish in this region.  We have partnered with the Lheidli Tenneh  and Environmental Dynamics to deliver a tour where guests learn and experience what it takes to find and catch these “Dinosaurs” of the past.  We use two jet boats to navigate the historical Upper Fraser River in search of these creatures.  Guests will learn about  and be immersed in this data gathering project.  We will use radio telemetry to track the fish, and then take physical measurements like age, girth, length, sex, weight, and DNA.  Fish will be scanned, tagged and have radio tags inserted into them.  This once a year opportunity is an event that the inquisitive and adventurous person does not want to miss!
This years tour takes place May 3-4, 2018 out of Prince George, BC

Large Sturgeon getting ready to be released after measurements done
Smaller Sturgeon getting ready to be released
Using Radio Telemetry to find previously tagged sturgeon
Inserting a radio tag into sturgeon
All hands on deck when weighing a large sturgeon
Angling for sturgeon
Angling for sturgeon
Taking a DNA sample
Taking a DNA sample
Radio Telemetry Tag
A few measurement tools needed for data collection
Looking after a small sturgeon
A closer look at a small sturgeon
Releasing another small sturgeon