Skeena River Journey through Time!

One of the most unique journeys in northern British Columbia is the trip down the Skeena River from Hazelton to Prince Rupert. We retrace the journeys of the First Nations and the early explorers as the Skeena River flows 300 km through the Coast Mountains.  The beauty and awe inspiring scenery is truly remarkable!  During the  five day trip via two jet boats we will overnight at various accommodations adjacent to the river.  This all-inclusive expedition includes great culinary meals in some very unique locations.

Don’t miss out!

August 5-10, 2018
Starting in Terrace, BC

Cruising down the mighty Skeena River via Jet Boat
Checking out a local first Nations smoke house on the Skeena River
One of the local first nations showing us his smoked salmon
Going for a walk on a remote sand bar on the Skeena River
Cruising up a Skeena River Tributary
Accommodations for one of the nights
Exploring an old abandoned airstrip next to the river
A lunch spot with a view
Looking back at the travelled river
Relaxing at the end of the day
Checking out the Ghost Town of Dorreen
The old Haunted Dr House near hospital Island
Interesting Petrogylph of the man who fell from Heaven


The setting sun at the end of an amazing day
The guests boarding the train back to Hazelton