Ghostly Port Essington Cemetery

The 1871 salmon cannery community of Port Essington was founded by Robert Cunningham. He  quickly built this lower Skeena River place into a thriving town with many amenities for a such a small and remote community.  The town faded away in the mid 1900’s but within the at time many people were buried in the local cemetery.  During three of our Educational Travel Tours in 2016 we will visit the site.  Whether you are a ghost town guru, avid photographer or history  buff this visit will be one of the most unique site’s on the Northcoast.  The jungly, undulating forest on a rock outcrop is the final resting place for over a hundred Port Essington residents.  The elevated moss covered gravestones protrude through the lush coastal vegetation while the flat headstones have vanished below the carpet of moss.

Here are a few of my favorite headstones

Chinese Headstone at Port Essington
Port Essington moss covered headstone
The final spot for this person and their headstone