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There is nothing like cruising up a remote river or or to an ocean estuary.  The Skeena region of BC is one the last untouched areas where there are untouched river valleys with no roads or development.  The odds of seeing other boats or people is very low on some of the days.  I thought I would put in a few photos this Monday morning showing the group cruising on the jet boats.

We just had a cancellation and have:



Going up a remote River
Off to remote Estuary
Off to Remote Hotspring
Off to another Photo opportunity


Anyox Dam Building

BTW We still have a few seats left in our 2015 Ghost Towns Tour of which Anyox is one of the destinations ( that we stay over night in)


Another followup from yesterdays photos of the Anyox Dam.  Here is an interesting story that Global News did on Anyox.

The stolen light bulb story


Here is a website from the Anyox hydro Electric Company with some great archival photos of the building of the dam.

Anyox Dam

BTW We still have a few seats left in our 2015 Ghost Towns Tour of which Anyox is one of the destinations ( that we stay over night in)

Anyox Dam

On our Ghost Towns Tour one of the highlights is visiting the Anyox Dam.  What is more amazing is that it is non the middle of nowhere.  We drive a few km’s up a dirt road from the townsite of Anyox and out of nowhere appears this massive structure. By attending this tour you would be one of the lucky few to visit the engineering marvel from the 1920’s.  We get up close and even walk inside the dam to see the inner workings.

In the early 1920s concrete pioneer and dam engineer John Eastwood designed a hydroelectric dam that stood, at 156 feet (48 m), as the tallest dam in Canada for many years.


Anyox Dam as we round the corner on the road to the dam
Anyox Dam Upclose
Inside the Anyox Dam
Looking across the top of the Dam

Marine Life

Enroute to our coastal estuaries we will photograph the marine life that is around.  Here are a couple of photos of seals and marine birds.

A log or a seal?
How about this one?
What type of birds are these?

Yachting to Ghost Towns!

To access three of the remote Ghost Towns we drive two hrs north of Terrace, BC and then board a yacht that takes us down the magnificent observatory inlet for a three hour ocean cruise.

Here are a photos of the group aboard the very comfortable ship.

Looking down the inlet enroute to Anyox.
Safety Debrief before leaving


Enjoying the ride
Approaching Anyox

Bear Photography

Bears have to be one of the most photographed animals in BC and always seem to hold a certain  mystique with photographers.  Then comes the elusive Grizzly Bear which is our “King of the Forest”.  We will do our best to provide the participants with an opportunity to photograph a grizzly bear.  The odds of seeing one is quite good but the odds of getting that “money” shot is more difficult as they are very wary of humans in the areas that we will be scouting.  All the photography will be done from the safety of a boat.  Here are a few pics from the area we will be going.

This foot print was from one of the grizzlies in the estuary we will visit.
Estuary bears


These fresh tracks were seen on an island at low tide so we knew they were recent.


In this photo we only got one fo the cubs in the photo


We saw this bear briefly as we edged our way along the shore and still managed to startle him.

Let us take you back in time to the 80’s!

One of the stops on our Ghost Towns Tour is the 1908’s mining town of Kitsault.  If you miss that 80’s decor, wood panelling and pasty yellow appliances then this tour is for you.  You can sleep in your own 1980’s decorated room.  This town of 1200 was only inhabited for 2 yrs before closing in the early 80’s but everything still remains.

We will be staying over night in this ghost town in our own 80’s decked out suites

Just Imagine making bacon and eggs for breakfast in this ktichen.


Spend a nice relaxing evening your 80’s living room


Lots of 80’s dreams will be had while sleeping in this room
If you run out of money we can take you to the bank make a withdrawal.

Thoughts from one of last year’s guests!

On last years Jet Boat Photography Trip were lucky enough to have Ute Wilder come along.  Ute is a lovely lady with a passion for adventure & photography.  I though I would share a few quote and photos from Ute.


“The many waterfalls along the rivers were amazing”

“Coming home to the comfortable Lodge ,[overlooking the Skeena river] and excellent food prepared by the chef [home made bread, cheese, pies, and ice creams ] All equipment and clothes dried over night and ready the next morning.”

“This Jet boat Photography Trip took us into an area of natural beauty, abandoned towns and historic sites.”

“Knowledgeable Guides showed us wildlife, wildflowers , and took us up 4 beautiful rivers and an estuary where we saw and photographed grizzly bears and caught crabs in traps outfitted with cameras, so we could watch it.”


“In all it was a wonderful trip to learn about the natural area , historic sites, and native culture”


For those of you looking for some amazing photos from this region contact Ute Wilder

Misty & Wet Jet Boating

The Skeena / Terrace area is known for its rain and misty days that occur regularly throughout the year.  Last year we had one one of those days.  It did not pour rain just a light drizzle that added more water to the hundreds of waterfalls and the low level cloud that moved up and down the river.  I thought I would share a few photos that emphasize the northwest feature.


Low level clouds



With waders covering 3/4 of our bodies the drizzle was no match for us.

Waterfalls and more waterfalls!

If you like cascading waterfalls of all shapes and sizes then the “Jet Boat Photography  Tour” will not disappoint. Your senses will go into overload as we round every corner on the river. Waterfalls cascade from every notch and cliff high above the boat.  we also stop at afew spots to get those “creamy” slow mo photo opportunities.


Here are a few samples.

Creamy Waterfall by Andrew Pugh


Cascading Waterfalls


Magnificent Waterfall


Waterfall cascading into a snow patch in June