Welcome from the Vice President of Research and Graduate Programs

Author: Dr. Geoffrey Payne (VP Research & Graduate Programs)

As the Vice President of Research & Graduate Programs, I would like to welcome you to the role of Teaching Assistant at UNBC and hope that you will find it a rewarding experience.

The role of teaching assistant is integral to the success of the students you will have the opportunity to work with not only in the various educational activities supervising laboratory sessions, individual tutoring and marking class materials, but also as mentors. University education is exciting but also can be a stressful time, and your role with the students will provide an opportunity to provide insight on how best to approach being a student at UNBC. I know the opportunity of being a teaching assistant at UNBC will be a rewarding experience not only for you but also students whom you meet in your positions.

This handbook is an excellent and invaluable resource for the TA role. It will provide not only necessary information for your role but also tips that can applicable to you as graduate students.

I want to again thank you for undertaking this opportunity as teaching assistants; you are valuable members of the UNBC community and your contributions will ensure that UNBC continues to be a vibrant and outstanding institution.

Dr. Geoffrey Payne
VP Research & Graduate Programs