Hello, my name is Troy and I am passionate about northern British Columbia’s  backroads, backcountry, trails  and history. After completing a degree in forestry I worked as a consultant in the central interior. My career path went in another direction in the 2000s when I became a campus chaplain at UNBC. Years later I completed a MA in Forest History and began working as a educational coordinator in UNBC’s Continuing Studies department. I love the deep forested valley bottoms and windswept rocky alpine areas throughout northern BC. That is why I Ride the Wild!

Bikepacking Defined and Described

Bikepacking or wilderness adventure cycling is basically off-road touring on mountain bikes or fatbikes. In any given adventure you could ride active or deactivated logging roads, ATV/Snowmobile trails, single-track, historic foot trails or completely off road/trail. Personally, I think that fatbikes are the best bike for off-road adventures. They provide great stability, can be loaded with lots of gear, climb well and the large wheels easily roll over debris on the forest floor. For more info about bikepacking check out this awesome site:

Bikepacking Website