The UNBC Faculty Handbook was adapted from Georgia Montgomery’s excellent Instructor’s Guide to the History Program.  Georgia is one of the founding members of the UNBC community.  Her passion and dedication to this institution is clearly evident in all her work, and especially in assisting new faculty members in their successful careers. Thank you for your contributions to faculty development Georgia.

In its earlier version, Shauna Terai took the initiative to transform the handbook into this e-resource. She did much of the ‘heavy lifting’ and added her own creative elements to the e-Faculty Handbook. Shauna is currently working in Regional Operations.  Bill Owen, when he was Director of the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, worked with Shauna to adapt Georgia’s handbook to one we could use for the new faculty orientation.  Thanks to Shauna and Bill for initiating this project.

During the 2014 summer, the team at the CTLT undertook to revise several of our online resources. The Faculty Handbook revisions were managed entirely by Angela Kehler.

We have now edited the handbook to be up-to-date for the 2017/2018 school year. The revisions were undertaken by Amy Blanding and I thank her for all the work she’s done on the manual.

We hope that you find the handbook informative. The handbook is located on a blog and is a living document and we are able to update it regularly. To that end, we welcome any comments, feedback, and questions and if you would like to write a section for the handbook – do let us know.  Feel free to send us an e-mail (ctlt@unbc.ca) or phone call (250 960 6509) and let us know your thoughts.

On behalf of the CTLT staff and faculty, we wish you all the best for your time at UNBC.


Heather Smith,

Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology,

3M National Teaching Fellow

Professor, International Studies

University of Northern British Columbia

Traditional Territory of the Lheidli T’enneh

Email: Heather.Smith@unbc.ca
Phone: (250) 960-6655
Web: www.unbc.ca/ctlt