Author: Mardeana Berg (Retail Services Manager, UNBC Bookstore)

Textbooks, Desk & Exam Copies, Reading Packages

Textbooks should be adopted by the deadlines listed below in order to guarantee the books will be here for the beginning of classes. Check with your Administrative Assistant regarding textbook adoption processes for your program/department. The following information is required when ordering textbooks:

  • AUTHOR or ED
  • ISBN
  • Course #
  • Course Name
  • Estimated Enrollment
  • Your Name

We try to order textbooks in time to meet the deadlines so you may not have a choice of texts if your start date is too close to the beginning of classes. We will do our best to keep you well informed so you can participate in your textbook selections.

Deadlines are:

Fall (September)                 May 15

Winter (January)                October 15

Spring/Summer                   March 15

If you prefer to place your own textbook order, use the Text Requisition Form or email your information to the Text Buyer at the Bookstore.

Some Administrative Assistants keep all requests and notifications for each course for each semester, so please ensure s/he has a copy and keep a copy for your own records.  The bookstore keeps historical adoption records so if you teach the same course in each fall or winter semester simply tell the Book Buyer that you are using the same text as last year. It is a good idea to include the title – there are many requests like this.

Desk Copies

Desk Copies are not requested through the bookstore.  You may request your own from the distributor or check with your Administrative Assistant, as s/he may request your desk copies on your behalf. Please supply all the information as listed under ‘Textbooks’.

If you have a TA for your course, please advise your Administrative Assistant so she can get a desk copy of the text for your TA as well.

Examination Copies

Some distributors charge a minimal fee for exam copies, some require the purchase order number of the text and some will ship free for 60 days and invoice you for the price of the book if it is not adopted as a text.  Again, your Administrative Assistant will submit these requests for you, and will charge the fees to the corporate MasterCard.

Reading Packages 

Non copyright reading packages such as lab manuals, lecture notes and course handouts are processed through the Book Buyer.