Teaching and Instructional Technology Support

Author: Grant Potter (e-Learning Coordinator, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology)

The UNBC Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology plays a central role in supporting instructors that are developing courses at UNBC.  The CTLT directly supports faculty and instructors by providing pedagogical consultation and direction, technical resources, and support services. The CTLT also partners with the instructor in the design, delivery, and evaluation of online and blended courses.

The CTLT supports a range of technologies:


UNBC’s learning management system.  This secure website adds online elements to courses traditionally delivered face-to-face and facilitates completely online courses with few or no face-to-face meetings.

There are a wide range of features and functions available in learn.unbc.ca:

  • Announcements: Instructors may post announcements for students to read. These can be found in an [Announcements] area, or can be made to pop-up when a student accesses learn.unbc.ca.
  • Course content: This feature allows instructors to post articles, assignments, videos etc.
  • Calendar: Instructors can use this function to post due dates for assignments and tests.
  • Learning modules: This feature is often used for strictly online classes. It allows instructors to sequence course content and apply adaptive conditions on content and activities.
  • Assessments: This tab allows instructors to post quizzes and exams and allows students to access them via the internet
  • Assignments: This features allows assignments to be posted and students to submit assignments online
  • Grade Book: Instructors may post grades for students to view.  The grade book allows for auto-calculations and weighting of grades.  Grades are securely accessible and visible only using students’ UNBC username and password.
  • Collaborate: Collaborate is a webconference feature integrated into learn.unbc.ca. Features include realtime video and audio conferencing, public and private chat, quizzing and polling. The software includes several visual tools, including whiteboard and screensharing. The software also includes a record feature that allows the moderator to record the class for others to watch later as well as a graphing tool, and breakout rooms for group work. The whiteboard supports the uploading of presentations for viewing on the whiteboard for classes or meetings.
  • Discussions: This feature allows students and instructors to create a threaded discussion forum.
  • Messaging and Emailing: This feature allows students and instructors to send messages to one another within learn.unbc.ca. This feature supports mass messaging to students in a course.  Instructors can also compose messages and have them relayed to students’ UNBC email addresses.

An abridged guide to https://learn.unbc.ca outlining frequently asked questions can be found at http://elearning.unbc.ca


http://blogs.unbc.ca is a UNBC hosted web and social networking platform designed to provide free individual or group webspace for the UNBC community.

http://blogs.unbc.ca can be used to build a course website, allow group authoring of a site, provide peer review of authored content (editing with comments), provide class webspace development (adding annotated links/building a shared resource for a class), and provide a personal portfolio for students, faculty and staff (upload media – slides, video, images of your artwork).

http://blogs.unbc.ca runs on WordPress. WordPress is a state-of-the-art, open source, semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. Often associated with a blog, WordPress is much more than a blog- it is a simple and easy-to-use web publishing platform that can allow you to build a web presence with little or no fuss!

Please contact Grant.Potter@unbc.ca if you would like to use http://blogs.unbc.ca


iClicker is a student response system that enables students to respond to or vote on questions the instructor will poll during class. Some instructors grade students based on student feedback and/or in-class participation.

For more detailed information on iClickers along with customized software for use of iClickers with http://learn.unbc.ca, please see http://elearning.unbc.ca.


Faculty is invited to consult the Teaching Manual available at https://blogs.unbc.ca/teachingmanual/

Please also feel free to contact the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology at ctlt@ubnc.ca.