Stationery, Supplies and Misc Purchases

A supply of basic stationery & supplies is maintained by most Administrative Assistants. There are file folders, pens & pencils, glue sticks, highlighters, markers, paperclips, fold-back clips, discs, lined writing pads, envelopes, letterhead, transparencies, and then some.  If you require special items the Administrative Assistant will order them for you (within budget guidelines, of course).

You may also set up an account at the bookstore for your Professional Development (PD) fund or grants and you will be able to purchase items on account at the bookstore.

Please note: office supplies purchased on the program account are discounted so you may want to go through the Administrative Assistant for all your regular supplies.

UNBC maintains an account with SpeeDee Office Experts Ltd which also offers discounted prices. Your Administrative Assistant has access to our account and will place any order you may have.

NOTE: You are not permitted to purchase furniture or equipment unless it is campus standard.  Your Administrative Assistant will order this for you on a Web Requisition, (again, subject to budget availability).

There are policies in place for ordering items over $500. Three quotes are required and must be approved by Purchasing and submitted on a Web Requisition. Again, your Administrative Assistant will place the order for you. Please make sure s/he has all the information to work with.

Computer equipment and software must be approved by the IT department to ensure compatibility with our systems. Any repairs for damage to equipment or software due to unapproved purchases will be charged to your department.

If you require special equipment/furniture, i.e. ergonomic chairs, etc. the Health & Safety Department will assess your needs and make arrangements for ‘trial’ periods prior to purchase.