Photocopying and Printing

Author: Barry Wong (Copy Services)

Faculty members are typically given a “copy code” for photocopying and faxing.

The copy code can be used at the assigned photocopier for your program/department. If you would like access to the copiers in the library your Administrative Assistant can submit a request for you. Copies cost six cents each regardless of the size of the paper or whether it is single or double sided.

Copies made at Copy Services are slightly cheaper and over the course of a year can provide a substantial savings.  Colour copies are slightly higher in cost than black & white. Please try to have all your larger copy jobs done at copy services, such as course outlines, class handouts, exams, etc.  You can take your copy jobs to Copy Services and pick them up when they are ready or you can email them in PDF format and Barry will email you when the job is complete.  Barry and his staff will do everything they can to ensure you have what you need, when you need it. “Best customer service on campus!”


*Note: this is the only email to use!

If you do not have Adobe Read/Write installed on your computer to convert your documents, UNBC has a conversion program at:

It is best to convert documents to PDF before sending them to Copy Services as the fonts on Barry’s computers are not all the same as on ours and the printing may be skewed.

REMEMBER: give your receipts to your Administrative Assistant for budget reconciliation

Some copier/printer systems can also operate as a scanner.  This is very fast and will send anything you scan to your “H” drive or e-mail in PDF format. It is then up to you to rename and save it as you choose. This is only black and white. For colour scanning see your Administrative Assistant or Copy Services but remember to instruct copy services to scan and email directly to you and not to edit the scanned document.  The charge is about six times the amount for a simple scan.