Office of Research

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The Office of Research exists to promote and enhance the success of research by faculty, students and partners of UNBC. We do this by: providing faculty members with support services to develop outstanding research programs in all disciplines, including offering advice on sources of funding, helping develop proposals, providing institutional letters of support, and negotiating funding agreements. We also assist with maintaining and growing our research infrastructure at UNBC, and we manage relationships with major research funding agencies, so that the local research community has access to the best advice on successful research funding strategies, and acting as the primary institutional contact for these agencies. We assist with the development of research partnerships with local, provincial, national and international agencies and industry collaborators, thus contributing to a strong research funding base and continued improvements in research infrastructure. More information about UNBC’s Strategic Research Priorities can be found here:

Our office fosters and supports the high level of energy around, and intensity of, research conducted at UNBC, leading to increased capacity and productivity over time. We also engage in high-level advocacy to promote an environment in which world-class research may flourish at UNBC.

Through the Community and Industry Partnership division.  (, the Office of Research also encourages and supports technology transfer and commercialization of research discoveries through patents, licenses, spin-off company creation and the development of new models for knowledge translation.