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Supervising Graduate Students

As a faculty member, you may be involved in the supervision of graduate students.

Facilitate Student Progression

One of your roles as a supervisor is to ensure students follow through with their academic requirements.

When students begin their academic program, the supervisor is required to complete a Program of Study and establish a Supervisory Committee with the student.  Throughout the student’s graduate program, Progress Reports are used to monitor the student’s progress.  Progress Reports are due in the Office of Graduate Programs by June 30th annually (except NRES where Progress Reports are returned to the Program).  Please note: student’s holding a scholarship must submit a Progress Report at least 2 months prior to renewal of the scholarship.  At the end of a student’s program students may be required to defend a thesis, project or dissertation.  Please see the website ( for forms and more information.

Students are required to maintain continuous registration in their graduate program.  In the event that a student needs to take a Leave of Absence (LOA), requires a Time Extension (TE) or wishes to Withdraw (WD) from their graduate program, they must complete the required form and submit to the Office of Graduate Programs.

Withdrawal –

Leave of Absence –

Time Extension –

Care should be taken to ensure that the expectations are attainable and reasonable from the student’s perspective and supportable by the Supervisor, given other demands on their time.

Set Reasonable Expectations

The academic supervisor is responsible for supervising the student throughout the degree program.  Very early in the relationship, you and your student should set clear, explicit and mutually accepted expectations regarding:  the role of the supervisor and other committee members, timeline for completion, intellectual property and financial support among other things.  As the supervisor, you have the right to expect substantial effort, initiative, respect and receptiveness to suggestions and criticisms.  Students need to be aware of this.  Please see the Graduate Student Handbook – which can be found on our website ( – for more information on student/supervisor roles and expectations.

Encourage and Support

Encourage your graduate students to take advantage of many opportunities at UNBC, including:

  • Scholarships and Awards: Our office administers, adjudicates, and can provide assistance with, and information about, a host of external (e.g. NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR) student award opportunities.  There are also travel award opportunities, as well as such internal scholarships and awards as the Research Project Awards and Doctoral Dissertation Completion Awards.  Contact with any inquiries.
  • Exchanges, including: Western Deans, Research Mobility Agreement, Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement).  For further information, please email our office at

Please see our website ( for complete details.

Ask Questions/Be Resourceful

The following resources are available on our website ( for faculty and students.

  • Graduate Student Handbook
  • Formatting Guidelines for Graduate Dissertations, Theses, Projects and Practicum Reports
  • Graduate Programs Website
  • There are also graduate student handbooks specific to programs, such as MCPS and NRES

Finally, don’t hesitate to contact us in the Office of Graduate Programs – we would be happy to help you!

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