Office Information

Author: Selina Ross (Administrative Assistant, Political Science and International Studies)

Office Space and Keys

Permanent and long-term faculty are issued an office with desk, bookcases, file cabinet, guest chairs, computer, phone, etc.

If you are a sessional instructor you will often be given access to shared sessional office space.

Your Administrative Assistant will order your office key, hallway key, research room key, and a building fob which will let you into your building after hours.  You can also enter the buildings after hours through the main door at the Library entrance.

If you lose or misplace your keys (there is a $25 charge for replacement of lost keys), security will let you into your office. If you are ‘new’ to the University, please have some ID handy – your UNBC ID card is best.

Should you require research or lab space, this can also be arranged subject to availability. Your Chair and Administrative Assistant will submit a request on your behalf for both the space and for keys.

The Facilities Department is responsible for issuing, maintaining and collecting of keys. We have our own locksmith on site.

Office Hours

Please advise your Administrative Assistant of your office hours in case students wish to book appointments with you.

Business Cards

Sessional instructors are not supplied UNBC business cards and copyright does not permit you to have your own cards printed privately with the UNBC logo.  Regular and term faculty will have business cards supplied by their department/program/school.

You cannot change the format or use any personal information on your cards such as a home phone number or email but you can include a cell phone number.

Business Cards are ordered in batches of 250 and only when there are eight or more requests so it may be a few weeks before your cards are ready.  When you do get them, you may want to give your program Administrative Assistant a small supply to hand out to people who want to contact you.