It seems, at times, that UNBC has a form for everything. Fortunately, you will only have to complete a select few.  The most common of these are:

Professional Development Claim: reimbursement from your PD funds

Cheque Requisition: reimbursement from UNBC for approved expenses

Travel Authorization: Travel Authorization form request for approval to travel & proposed travel budget

Travel Claim: reimbursement for approved travel expenses

Grade Defferal Form: to report deferred grades

Grade Change Form: report grade changes

*Click here for Forms from Office of Registrar

For all reimbursements, keep your original receipts. You may claim meals by per diem or with receipts but the receipts cannot exceed the per diem rate. Boarding passes are also required for travel reimbursement.

NOTE: Please allow a three-week turnaround for reimbursement cheques.