Faculty Association

Dr. Stephen Rader ( President, Faculty Association)

What is the Faculty Association?

Incorporated as a society in 1994 and certified as a union in 2014, the UNBC-FA is the sole bargaining agent for all full and part-time faculty at UNBC, including tenured and tenure-track faculty members, senior lab instructors, librarians, and contract academic staff.

The association acts as the sole bargaining agent for all UNBC-FA members, negotiating the terms and conditions of their employment as enshrined in the Faculty Agreement. In addition, the UNBC-FA provides guidance and support for members throughout their employment, assisting with tenure and promotion, evaluation, and other processes. The association and its representatives play a vital role within collegial governance, consulting on all policies and procedures related to our members’ employment in research and teaching.

At the provincial and national level, the UNBC-FA represents the interests of its members and supports and promotes higher education through the Confederation of Faculty Associations of BC (CUFA-BC) and the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT).The Mandate of the Faculty Association is outlined in the association’s Constitution, which can be found at http://unbcfa.ca/category/unbc-fa-constitution/

The current Faculty Association Agreement is an important document with which all faculty members should be familiar. It can be found at http://unbcfa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2016.03.24.Collective-Agreement-July-1-2014-June-30-2019_FINAL.pdf

All members of the bargaining unit are covered by the Collective Agreement negotiated by the Faculty Association. Those eligible for membership are Faculty Members, Librarians, Term Appointees (Regular Term Members, Instructors, Part-Time Instructors, Lecturers), Program Chairs, Regional Chairs and Program Coordinators, and Senior Laboratory Instructors or individuals holding an equivalent position.

Why should I join?

By becoming a member of the Association, you will:

  • Receive assistance with complaints and grievances;
  • Have the opportunity to sit on Association committees and attend Association meetings;
  • Receive copies of Association newsletters and the CAUT Bulletin;
  • Have access to the e-mail discussion and information forum.

Do I have to join?

No person is required to be a Member of the Association as a condition of employment. However, each Member must pay dues to the Association or, if s/he objects, to a registered charity. If you wish to have your dues allocated to a charitable organization instead of to the UNBC-FA, please contact Human Resources to arrange for this.

How are the day-to-day operations of the Faculty Association carried out?

The Executive Committee is responsible for the smooth functioning of the Association.   The Executive Committee, elected from the association’s membership, comprises officers (President and Chair, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary); voting members (Past-President, Members-at-Large); and non-voting members (Grievance Officer, Executive Director). The Association’s full-time Executive Director aids the Executive in carrying out its duties and provides assistance to Members.

The Grievance Officer works with Members to represent concerns, complaints or formal grievances related to employment.  The UNBC-FA also has access to the services of a Dispute Resolution Officer, who assists members in resolving employment-related conflicts.

What are the other Faculty Association Committees?

The work of the Association is facilitated by a large number of joint and standing committees. Members are also appointed by the Association to sit on a number of university committees such as the College and University Promotion and Tenure Committees, the Market Differential Committee, and the Grievance Referral Committee.

When are meetings held?

The UNBC-FA holds regular spring and fall general meetings. There may also be special general meetings to discuss particular issues. The fall meeting is announced to all members via email.

Contact Information
The office is located on the third floor of the Administration Building (ADM3089) and is open Monday to Friday from 9 to 4:30.  Please call the office to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Dr. Stephen Rader, President – Tel: 250-960-6216 or email Stephen.Rader@unbc.ca
Dr. Matt Reid, Vice President – Tel: 250-960-6622 or email mreid@unbc.ca
Dr. Catherine Nolin, Grievance Officer – Tel: 250-960-5875 or email Catherine.Nolin@unbc.ca
Donna Plourde, Executive Director – Tel: 250-960-5816 or email Donna.Plourde@unbc.ca              Kjersti Coole-Grant, Professional Services Officer – Tel: 250-960-5313 or email Kjersti.KooleGrant@unbc.ca