Course and Instructor Evaluations

Each course and its instructor is evaluated by the students in the class. Shortly before the end of the teaching semester you will receive a package containing the evaluation forms.  Detailed instructions will be provided.  You are to have the students (or yourself) choose a designate to be responsible for the distribution, collection, and submission of these forms.  You are not to be in the classroom while the students are completing the evaluation. The designated student will deliver the completed evaluations to your Administrative Assistant.

When these completed forms are received by your Administrative Assistant, they will be processed accordingly.  After exams are completed and marks are submitted, the evaluation report and the comment sheets will be returned to you.

NOTE: If you will no longer be with us, and you wish copies of your evaluations, please ensure that your Administrative Assistant has your current mailing address.

If you would like more information on how to engage in assessment of your teaching (which is distinct from the course evaluations) you may wish to consult the Teaching Manual available at: http://blogs.unbc.ca/teachingmanual/