Print Course Packs

Author: Patrice Hall (Copyright Office, Geoffrey R. Weller Library)

Do I need to obtain permission to use copyrighted material in my reading package?

Permission is required for copyright-protected material that is printed in a course pack or reading package. Some material may be covered by licences that UNBC negotiates for electronic resources. Such licences allow you to provide students with a direct link to the full-text of the article and, in some cases, allow you to include a printed copy in a course pack. Some materials may be included in a course pack if the copy requested falls under UNBC’s Fair Dealing Guidelines. UNBC’s Copyright Office will obtain any necessary licenses for you.

Any materials that you would like to include in a reading package are assessed by UNBC’s Copyright Office staff for copyright clearance requirements. This includes materials from the internet, government publications, and unpublished works, not just books and journals. Providing details such as book/journal title, web address, author name, ISBN/ISSN number, page range and total number of pages in a book will help to confirm permission more quickly. If you have permission to copy the item from the copyright owner, please provide documentation for the permission when submitting your order.

If you have any questions about copyright materials you would like to include, email UNBC’S Copyright Office at

How long does it take to have a course pack made?

If clearance from the copyright holder is required, it must be secured before the reading package is printed, which adds to the timeline. The UNBC Bookstore requires 8 weeks on average to process requests for course packs, if the process runs smoothly. The Bookstore will communicate with you should unexpected issues arise, such as increased delays in receiving notification from the copyright holder or denial of a clearance request. In such instances it may be necessary to choose alternate material. There also are some special cases, such as reproducing entire out-of-print books or copying rare material, where it may take longer to secure copyright clearance.

When you place your order, the UNBC Bookstore will send your reading package to the Copyright Office to assess what copyright clearance may be required. If you have any questions regarding copyright and course packs, email the UNBC Copyright Office at

If I have permission to put something on UNBC’s learning management system, does this mean I can also include it in my course pack?

Not necessarily. Some copyright holders will grant users permission to put information on password-secured websites, like Blackboard, but not to put the information in print format. Others may permit inclusion in a course pack but not allow uploading into the learning management system. UNBC’s Copyright Office must confirm permission separately, even if the information is already secured for an LMS.

Why is there a fee for copyright material used in course packs?

The price of course packs produced by UNBC Bookstore include the costs of production, and fees paid to obtain any necessary copyright permission. Materials included in a course pack under the fair dealing exception of the Canadian Copyright Act or a UNBC electronic resources license are included in course packs without additional copyright fees.  Where copyright permission is sought, UNBC recognizes that copyright holders and creators of works have the right to charge a fee for the use of their materials. These fees vary, usually based on the number of pages or excerpts copied and the number of copies made.