Course and Exam Schedules

Author: Heidi Lawson (Manager, Student Systems – Finance/Registrar)

Draft Schedules are normally sent to everyone by email.  You must check the schedules to make sure that your classes and exams do not interfere with any other obligations, such as Senate committee meetings, etc.  These draft schedules give you the opportunity to make adjustments and they must be approved by your Program Chair and the Dean by the deadline stated in the email.

NOTE: The exam schedules are not available until closer to the end of the semester, so you will not be able to include exam times in your outlines. However, it is good practice to indicate timeframe for the final exam weeks, which is known before the semester begins. 

It is a good idea to check the room in which you are teaching, as some rooms are not conducive to the teaching format you have in mind for a particular class.

To view the semester schedules, use the “Course Schedule” information in the left side column of:

Select your semester of choice, then the program and you will get all the courses scheduled for the program on all campuses. You can refine your search to campuses, individual courses, and instructors.

You can also view the scheduled courses on FastPortal: