Computer Account

Author: Laurie Bullis (Programmer Analyst, Information Technology Services)

Computer Account and Other IT services

Once you have been issued an employee ID number, a computer account will be set up for you. When this is done and you arrive on campus an IT person will visit your office to get you ‘up and running’ with your login and password. They will also answer any questions you may have.


Computer Issues

To report computer problems, you have four choices:

  • Telephone: 250.960.5321
  • Visit:  Room 8-265

AV Equipment

Audio- Visual (AV) equipment for the classroom: Information Technology Services also looks after all the Audio-Visual (AV) equipment, PowerPoint projectors and much more.  Almost all classrooms are equipped with projectors, screens and Overhead Projectors, but please check out the room and the equipment before you teach. If you need to book projectors, etc., contact Educational Media Services:

  • Telephone: 250.960.6470
  • Visit:  Room 8-265

Computers for Sessional Instructors

If you are a sessional instructor, you may have a shared office with computer access and a phone. It is not advisable to keep personal or class information in this office as it is used by people other than yourself.  This office is also an area for you to hold your office hours.