Class Lists and Grading

Author: Heidi Lawson (Manager, Student Systems – Finance/Registrar)

Class Lists

Interim class lists may be obtained by your Program Assistant or you can access the class list yourself on FAST Portal.  After the last day to add courses for the semester you should pull a new class list; this will be the official class list for all the students that are officially registered in the course.


If you have any students who are sitting in the class after the last day to add/drop that are NOT on the class list, please advise them to go to the Registrar’s Office.  Students who are not on the class list are not registered and are therefore not permitted to participate or attend class.  No coursework should be accepted or marked for any student that is not on the class list.

You can contact all students by sending an email through FAST Portal – Just click the “send email to class” button and proceed with the email you wish to send out.

Note: All students are required to use/check their UNBC email address as this is the official method at UNBC for contacting students.


The Registrar’s Office monitors the courses with waitlists carefully.  Waitlists are moved continually by the Registrar’s Office up until the add/drop date of each semester.

As an instructor – if you have a waitlist for your course and you wish to increase the class cap, please contact your Program Chair/Dean.  The Program Chair/Dean may approve a class cap increase which will then allow waitlisted students to be registered into a course.

All requests and approvals should be submitted to

Once the add/drop dates expire within a semester all students who are waitlisted at that time are dropped from the list and are not registered in the class.


UNBC has an on-line grading system through FastPortal.  Please check that your name is properly recorded so you can access your grade sheets.  Check both the Graduate and Undergraduate calendars for grading standards in the Regulations and Policies section.  Make sure you select the name of your Chair when forwarding the grades for approval. If you are unable to locate your Chair in the drop down list please contact and we will assist you.


Some programs (e.g., History) have developed marking templates as suggested criteria for marking within that program.  Check with your Chair or Administrative Assistant to see if your department/program/school has such criteria.  Some departments/programs/schools also have a repository of course syllabi that they can provide as examples for you.

  • Check the Undergraduate and Graduate calendars for grading standards.
  • Check to see if your program has marking templates or sample syllabi.
  • All final grades must be submitted on-line unless you have made prior arrangements with the Registrar’s Office
  • Have the Program Assistant provide a run-through of FastPortal. 

If you are having any issues with downloading grades via FAST please contact for assistance in gaining access.

*Grades are not accepted via email for security measures as this is not a secure method to submit personal student information*

Deferrals and Grade Changes

Occasionally students require more time to complete coursework or examinations for various reasons.

*Please see the Deferred Examination and Grades section of the Regulations and Policies in Undergraduate and Graduate Calendars.

Grade deferrals can be loaded online with your grades. Please note you must put in the deferral, the date you expect the student to complete the course and a reason for the deferral. If you have requested supporting documentation from the student you should retain this documentation until you have entered the final grade for the student.

Please note, if you have provided a student with a deferral in a prior semester and wish to extend the deferral, you must complete a Grade Change Form (this form can be obtained by contacting This form must be completed by the instructor and then must have the Chair and Dean’s signatures for approval. Your Program Assistant may assist with this process

When the student completes the assignments/exams, you must complete a Grade Change Form. 

For more information please see The Academic Regulation, Deferred Examinations and Grades in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Academic Misconduct

There are a number of different academic offenses that are listed in the Undergraduate and Graduate Calendars.  Please refer to the Regulations and Policies section under Academic Offenses.

If you suspect there has been an academic offense and you wish to proceed with an action please contact the Office of the Registrar for the Academic Misconduct form.  These forms are time sensitive in order to meet UNBC regulations and are therefore signed out at the Registrar’s Office. Please provide the name of the student and the student number. The Office of the Registrar will review the student file to confirm if this is the first offense and to walk you through the process.

Please note, if you suspect an offense has occurred and you have discussed it with the student and it is determined there was no offense then a form does not need to be completed. However, if you suspect an offense, have met with the student and it is determined an offense occurred you should complete an Academic Misconduct Form and have both you and the student sign it. This process should be followed even if there are no sanctions other than a warning. This ensures a complete and transparent process for both the instructor and the student.

All academic misconducts should be returned to the Office of the Registrar where they are filed in the student’s file.  Please note Academic Misconduct is not noted on a student’s transcript or provided to other institutions.

Academic Appeals

Students have a right to appeal academic decisions, including grades that are in-progress (such as papers, midterms, etc.) or their final grade. See UNBC Academic Regulations in the Undergraduate and Graduate Calendars.

Academic Appeal forms are available at the Registrar’s Office as they are also time sensitive in order to comply with UNBC regulations.

Late Withdrawal Requests

All students must adhere to add/drop and withdrawal dates passed by Senate and published in the Academic Calendars. After the last day to withdraw from courses, if a student wishes to be withdrawn, they must contact the Office of the Registrar themselves to be advised of the process.

If the Office of the Registrar receives a request from the student, the instructor for the course may be contacted to provide information regarding the student’s attendance, submitted coursework, whether there was contact with the instructor etc., in order to assist us with a decision on the request for the late withdrawal.  Please note all requests are reviewed individually.

If a student is still on your class list when it is time to submit grades (regardless of whether or not you are aware there is a late withdrawal request pending) please submit the appropriate grade at that time as the student is still registered. If a late withdrawal request is granted the student’s record will be adjusted accordingly.  Please do not submit a deferred grade unless you have made arrangements with the student to provide you with coursework after the end of the class end date.