Buildings and Maps

Campus buildings are named or numbered as follows:

Charles J. McCaffray Hall – Building 1 (xxxx ADM)
Research Lab – Building 4 (4-xxx)
Library – Building 5 (5-xxx)
Northern University Student Centre/Conference Centre – Building 6 (6-xxx)
Agora – Building 7 (7-xxx)
Teaching Lab – Building 8 (8-xxx)
Northern Medical Program – Building 9 (9-xxx)
Teaching & Learning* – Building 10 (10-xxxx)

*The T&L building is two buildings in one. The west side (the first building when you enter from the teaching lab) has numbers 10-1021,10-2032, etc. The east side (across the atrium) has numbers 10-1521, 10-2532, etc.).

Residence 1                               Neyoh
Residence 2                               Keyoh

Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre – Building 14

More maps can be found at: