Student employment contracts are initiated and completed by the department and then forwarded to Human Resources for processing for payment. Student employment contracts do not cover teaching assistants – these contracts come from the respective Deans’ offices.

Contracts are available through the Human Resources Department. UNBC Assistant hiring instructions have been included in this section to facilitate your needs; these should be referred to at each step of the process to avoid delays in pay. Contracts should be completed and signed by the hiring supervisor, the assistant and all appropriate budget holders.

The definition of an assistant where a student employment contract would be appropriate is:

Student – General

  • Engaged as classroom assistant, in lab preparation, as markers, tutor, etc.
  • Funded out of General Operation Fund (10100)

Student Research Assistants

  • Engaged in field work, lab projects, survey research, etc.
  • Funded out of a Research Fund

Student – Other

  • Engaged to work in the bookstore, library, gym, etc.
  • Funded out of the General Operating Fund (10100)

For more details on student employment visit:

Please note: these student assistants are not the same at teaching assistants. For information on and for teaching assistants, please consult the Teaching Assistant Manual which can be found at: