EDUC 346 –  Peer-Reviewed Aboriginal Educational Resources

Teacher-Candidates’ Ab. Ed. Resource Recommendations – Listed by student with the FULL synopsis (Re-posted Nov 6, 2017): VIEW/PRINT HIT F5 to refresh browser

#06 Assignment: Aboriginal Educational Resource Blog Post#6. VIEW/PRINT
Due Tue, Oct 10 @11:59 pm.
Word count: 150 – 250 words

1. Please review one of the Aboriginal Educational Resources listed on the blog and write a short summary about the resource. Email it to Marian.
Example Questions/Answers (Q&A’s):

a. What did you appreciate about this resource?
b. How was it useful to you now? In your future classroom?
c. How and where might you see using it NOW? FUTURE?
d. How does this resource inform your cultural-competency as an educator?
e. Would you recommend it to others also? Why? Or vice-versa?
f. Why did you choose this resource, i.e. what was the attraction?

2. Marian will post your short summary on the class blog FOR YOU on the RESOURCES page. For a list of the TC’s Aboriginal Educational Resource Recommendations, see: VIEW/PRINT