01. 6-Sep-17

Welcome to EDUC 346 – Class # 1

Assignments: All assignments are due in 1 week from the day they are assigned by 12:00 pm NOON or earlier by EMAIL only. Send your electronic assignment (#2) to Marian.Kotowich-Laval@unbc.ca. Thank you!

Assignments: Due: Midnight, Tue. Sept 12th

  1. Please read the Syllabus and the Addendum and come prepared with questions, concerns, comments, and/or complements. We will discuss these in the group; however, if you have any private concerns, please email or call Marian at: marian.kotowich-laval@unbc.ca or 250-615-3328, or drop in to my office.
  2. Please email a brief reflection on first class on Sep 6th in minimum 500 words or more. Please put your reflection into a Word Document, rather than ┬ádirectly into the email. Build the ┬ácontent around questions like: What did you learn or receive from today’s class. What did you enjoy? What did you find difficult or uncomfortable? What are your hopes for the class, i.e. what would you like to learn, areas of interest, areas of knowledge you already have and would like to learn more about, etc.?