09. 1-Nov -17

Welcome to EDUC 346 – Class # 9

Today, we are hosting the Aboriginal Culturally-Mindful Educational Tabletop Displays today.

You are taking something that you know about and/or love and indigenizing it. You tabletop displays will be shared with visitors in the community.


Next week’s assignment: Due NOV 7th
# 09 Final Summary (adapted indigenized B.Ed. Lesson) – Due Nov 7, 2017  PRINT/VIEW  Your #09 final summaries will be shared within the cohort as part of a collective body of work for future use.

#10 ACM Call-in Oral Assignment – Call 250-615-3328 – Due Nov 7, 2017
PRINT/VIEW  HINT: Call in soon while it is fresh on your mind!

Next week: We will resume the ACCE Presentations.