04. 27-Sep-17

Welcome to EDUC 346 – Class # 4

* If YOU or someone you know is triggered by the Indian Residential School topic, please contact the 24/7 Support Crisis Line: 1-866-925-4419 for immediate support!

ORANGE T-Shirt Class

Why Orange T-Shirts? Handout


National Day on Saturday, Sep 30, 2017

Thank you to those who participated in ORANGE T-SHIRT Day today and/or on Sep 30th in support and remembrance of Residential School

EDUC 346 – CLASS 4 – Assigned on Sept 27, 2017 (A & B)

A. #15 – First Call-in (oral) “test” Assignment VIEW/PRINT
Due Tue, Oct 3 @ 11:59 pm
Call: 250-615-3328 available 24/7

1. Please leave a brief message on Marian’s office phone at 250-615-3328 about how the class was for you today and/or any other comment.
2. Marian will return the message to you by email, with a comment back.

B. # 6 – Assignment: Aboriginal Educational Resource – Blog Post
Due Tue, Oct 10 @11:59 pm.
Word count: 150 – 250 words
#6 Instructions VIEW/PRINT

NEW! Listed by TC: Aboriginal Educational Resource Recommendations  VIEW/PRINT
(F5 to refresh)


1. Please review one of the Aboriginal Educational Resources listed on the blog and write a short summary about the resource. Email it to Marian.

Example Questions/Answers (Q&A’s):
a. What you appreciated about this resource.  and how it was useful to you now in and/or in the future classroom. post that she will enter on the blog, on your behalf.
b. In what way or ways was this resource useful to you?
c. How and where might you see using it NOW? FUTURE?
d. How does this resource inform your cultural-competency as an educator?
e. Would you recommend it to others also? Why? Or vice-versa?
f. Why did you choose this resource, i.e. what was the attraction?

2. Marian will post your short summary on the class blog FOR YOU on the RESOURCES page.  For a list of the TC’s Aboriginal Educational Resource Recommendations, see:

Prepare for the Indian Residential School Survivors (IRSSS) Workshop on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on Wed, Oct 4, 2017.  PRINT/VIEW