Cardisoma guanhumi: Large, Old and Unique

(Post by Shane Tilbury)

The Cardisoma guanhumi, also known as the blue land crab, is a unique terrestrial crab that is different from other crabs because of its size, age and lifestyle. First of all, it comes in many cartier bracelets colours, the juvenile crab is a dark brown, orange or purple colour and an adult cartier bracelet of anastasia steele fifty
is a blueish gray with females sometimes a light gray or white¹, but is predominantly the blueish gray colour. Another cool thing about the blue land crab is it can get up to 11 cm and weigh more than 500 g ². These crabs age slowly, reaching sexual maturity at age 4 which requires more molts than other crab species.  Blue land crabs are unique because they burrow deep holes to the water table, they migrate during specific seasonal weather and its interactions with humans.


Blue land crab (Cardisoma guanhumi) in a coastal swamp in Ubatuba, Brazil. Photo by Leoadec. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The blue land crab is found from the Gulf of Mexico and Florida down to South cartier bracelets America. It inhabits cartier bracelets the coast line and is rarely found 8 kilometers off of the coast². They live in tropical areas where water can penetrate their burrows (which are several feet deep) to allow for moisture to enter as they still have gills¹ (although modified). Water temperature affects the larvae stage if it’s below 20 C, it causes the larvae to develop more slowly and the survivability replica cartier love bracelets of the larvae to drop² which limits the adults (who can withstand the water temperature better) to how far north or south it can live.

Blue land crab have a reproductive cycle that is linked to seasonal weather patterns and the moon². With the heavy spring rains, it causes the crabs to start to gain weight to prepare for the migration to the ocean to reproduce¹. The females then lay the fertilized eggs in the ocean within 1-2 days of the full moon², the larvae require salt water to survive. After spending about a month in the ocean, the now small crabs heading to shore in mass mirgations¹. Blue land crabs take 4 years before they reach sexual maturity requiring more than 60 molts to reach a proper size (that’s more than 3x times what a normal how much does a cartier bracelet cost
crab does)². They molt during the winter cartier bracelets when their burrows are sealed and because of this fake cartier bracelet replica
the larger crabs can be quite old.

A group of blue land crabs (Cardisoma guanhumi) in Palm Beach county, Florida. Photo by Ianaré Sévi. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license.

Being a terrestrial crab means that they have a mixed diet of leaves and fruit but do eat insects, carrion and occasionally other blue land crabs and although they are considered terrestrial, they depend on the ocean for a large part of its life². This also means that there is frequent interactions with humans. In the Caribbean and Bahamas, the people use the blue land crabs as a food source and unfortunately the number of crabs harvested are increasing leading to a decrease in populations cartier jewelry replica but in Puerto Rico and the States there is regulations in place to control how many crabs are harvested¹. On an interesting note, these places that have the regulations in place don’t readily use the blue land crabs as a food source and view them as a pest because the crabs burrows can ruin lawns and chemicals can’t be used cartier love bracelet on the burrows because it could contaminate the water table¹. At least they’re nice to look at!


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