I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

My main research interests are in numerical analysis and scientific computing, with a focus in structure-preserving numerical methods. More specifically, I currently work on developing and analyzing numerical methods which preserve geometric properties of differential equations and as well as on adaptive finite element methods and a posteriori error estimation.

Student Opportunities

Undergraduate Research/MSc Graduate Studies

If you are an undergraduate at UNBC looking for research experience or interested in graduate studies in Applied Mathematics, do not hesitate to come by my office or contact me for potential research opportunities.

Interdisciplinary Weekly Seminar Series

Join us every week in the Interdisciplinary Weekly Seminar Series (IWSS) to learn about the latest research in the department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, or Physics at UNBC. For more details on talks and schedule, visit here at IWSS.