Why should I use the File Browser?

If a file or image has been uploaded to a Webpage it now exists as an asset within Drupal. If you plan on using that same image or file in other pages, you should access it using the File Browser.

Here’s why:

When you upload an image into a Webpage it gets stored on the Drupal servers. To access files on the server we use the File Browser. Webpages and all assets associated with the webpage all belong to a specific section of the UNBC website. So, when you upload an image or file to a Webpage, it will be stored in the File Browser, in the folder for that section.

If you were to upload the same image or file into different Webpages, then there would be multiples of that image or file within the Drupal server.

Drupal is not configured to overwrite files, so when a file of the same name is uploaded, Drupal will add a number at the end of the file names. (i.e.: if  myimage.jpg already exists within Drupal and an additional copy is uploaded, it will be named myimage_1.jpg).

This can be problematic because:

  1. it will cause unnecessary clutter within the Drupal asset folders
  2. it makes managing assets more difficult as it may not be clear if the multiple copies are actually accidental duplicates, or actually intended revisions of a file

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to insert an image from the file browser