Updates to Announcements

We’ve made a few updates to the Announcement content type. We especially love that any new announcements will now display within their assigned section.

published with labels

Here is the full list of updates:

1. Choosing one single section rather than several

This is how we were able to give Announcements a home within their chosen web section.

choosing a section

2. The ability to add a cover image

The cover image will display at the top of the published Announcement. Note that there is a minimum image size of 646×50¬†pixels.

inserting a cover image

3. Assigning a date

By default the Announcement will use today’s date.

assigning a date

4. Adding a video gallery from YouTube

You can add YouTube videos by pasting the URL into the video gallery field.

adding a video gallery

5. Adding an image gallery

Upload images into the image gallery field to create an image gallery display at the bottom of the published Announcement.

image gallery field

 Watch this (silent) video to see the changes in action: