The Responsive Web

We’re working on making the website responsive/mobile-friendly. This means that we’re adapting the current site so it can respond to different screen widths such as tablets, phones and desktop computers. We’re planning to go live by mid-August. Hello 2016!

Changes you’ll notice:

  • The main menu (green area at the top) will have fewer links to allow the entire menu to be available at all screen widths.
  • We’re ensuring that all links currently available in the main menu will be available within two clicks.
  • The quicklinks currently at the top of the main menu that include “login” and “library” will be moved to the footer at the bottom of the page.
  • The search functionality has been enhanced to improve navigation and accommodate the reduction in menu links.
  • Multiple-column layouts will become single columns at smaller screen widths.
  • The common page layout (left sidebar with grey menu and page content on the right) will display as two columns at larger screen widths and as a single column at smaller screen widths.
  • All images will resize according to the screen width.

Not much will change on your end since the Drupal experience remains the same. However, we encourage you to start thinking about how your content displays at the different screen widths. Here are some tips to get you started.

Tips to optimize the website for the responsive layout:

  • Use the fewest number of columns possible.
  • When using multiple columns, be aware that the first column will display above the second column at smaller screen widths.
  • Do not use tables in your web pages. They will not display properly at smaller screen widths. Try reformatting your content if it currently uses tables. If you’re having trouble displaying content or data, we can help.