New User Drupal Training

Welcome to New User Drupal Training. This self-guided training will give you all the tools you need to create and edit content on the UNBC website.

Estimated time commitment: 3-5 hours.

*Once you’ve registered with us, you’ll be entered as a user in the Drupal training environment and can log in here: If you haven’t registered, submit our registration form.

You can also connect off-campus by using a VPN.

Step 1. Download the following documents:

  • Drupal Training Assignment – You will be asked to submit this assignment at the end of the tutorial. Feel free to work through it alongside the videos.
  • Drupal Training Cheat Sheet – These tips & tricks will help you along as you create content for the website.

Step 2. Gather some content.

As you work through the videos and assignment, you will be adding text, documents and images from your computer into the website. Here’s what you’ll need to be prepared:

Step 3. Watch the video tutorials (15 videos in 28 minutes):

These videos provide all the information you will need to create and edit content on the UNBC website. After watching each video, try it yourself in the training environment.

We recommend watching the videos in full screen mode. Videos can be watched here or on our YouTube page.

Step 4. Complete and submit the training assignment for review.


Extra User Guides:


  • Visit our YouTube playlist page to view videos individually.
  • Use this blog for extra resources. If you have a question, try using the search field, or see if you can find it through the categories on the hompage.

Further Support

Submit website requests at or contact