Design Tweaks

The Office of Communications has been working on some design tweaks for the UNBC website. We’ve received a lot of feedback since we launched the new designs nearly a year ago, and we have been working to address many of the concerns that you’ve brought to our attention.

These updates will be put into effect the evening of January 2nd, 2014.

The examples below are just a sample of the improvements that we’ve been making.


Current slideshow design.


New Slideshow design

  • Easier to read caption
  • Button that allows the user to clearly see that they can link to additional information
  • Button also serves as a call to action to invite the user to explore more
  • Play/Pause Controls – allows the user to pause the slideshow for more time to read the captions and is an asset in terms of accessibility
  • Funky slant that mimics the angle in the “N” of the UNBC logo

Grid Alignment

  • The website has been fine tuned to align to a baseline grid. This helps ensure that text, images and other web content has consistent spacing and alignment. The changes here are subtle, but result in a significant improvement to the display of the content, enhancing the user experience.

Mega Menu

Current mega menu


New Mega Menu

  • We’ve improved the way that links display in the mega menus, improving the navigation experience.
  • We’ve also adjusted the sensitivity on the expansion of the menu, making it easier to use as well.
  • We’ve updated links in the global navigation as well:

Our Alumni

New Alumni Profile

Current Alumni Profile

We’ve fixed the issue of how the text  in Alumni Profiles wraps.


Current event tab on the left, new designs on the right.

  • Times how display on a 12 hour clock, making it easier to understand at a glance
  • We’ve also displayed the campus and location for all events in the tabs


Current buttons

New Buttons

Current Grey Buttons

New grey buttons

Web users often complain about clicking on a link when they don’t realize that it will open a file. We’ve added functionality to the buttons so that if the button links to a file, it will display the file extension showing the user what to expect before they click.


The colour palette has become more neutral. This allows greater emphasis on the content and less on any particular design element. The user will be drawn quickly into images, navigation, links and headings. These are the elements that are primarily sought when a user skims a web page for the content they seek.

We’re using the official UNBC green and gold, accented by grays pulled from various natural elements found on the UNBC campus, as well as a blue/green, again pulled from campus elements, that is used for links.