Avoiding Punctuation in a Webpage Title

It is important to avoid using punctuation in a Webpage title. Examples of punctuation to avoid are commas, colons, expression marks, and every other type of punctuation mark you can think of.

 Here’s why:

When creating a Webpage, one of the first steps is to enter a Page Title. The Page Title not only becomes the main heading for your content, but it also defines the URL of the Webpage you are creating.

For example, in the Future Students section, for the Webpage titled “Why UNBC”, the URL is unbc.ca/future-students/why-unbc.

future student's url

The title of the page determines the URL, so if this page was titled “Why is UNBC Awesome” then the URL would be unbc.ca/future-students/why-unbc-awesome.

However, if the title was “Why is UNBC Awesome?” with a question mark, this would cause problems with the URL because URL’s don’t use punctuation, and Drupal doesn’t know what to do with them when it wants to convert the title into a URL. This title “Why is UNBC Awesome?” with a question mark would make a URL like unbc.ca/future-students/why-unbc-awesome%, that is with some strange code trying to make up for the punctuation.

Here is an example of a real URL in the website with this problem: http://www.unbc.ca/releases/8047/%E2%80%9Cexplorer-millennium%E2%80%9D-headline-dr-bob-ewert-memorial-lecture-and-dinner

Take note of the % marks appearing in this URL. Now click on the link and look at the url and the Page Title of the actual webpage. Notice that the URL has punctuation marks in it.

And so, don’t ever use punctuation in the Page Title field.