Superstar site: QRRC

Congrats to the Quesnel River Research Centre for doing such a great job cleaning up their site! Take a look at these before and after shots, I think they speak for themselves.

Homepage: Before

Homepage before shot

The content is bleeding out of the frame and the list of links are duplicates of the menu.


Homepage: After

Homepage after shot

The menu and content have been simplified and reorganized.


Intro page: Before

Introduction before

Green text, misuse of headings and centre alignment cause this page to look outdated.


Visitor Info page: After

About Likely page after

This page represents a good use of images and a two column layout.


View the complete QRRC site here:

The Showcase

We’re frequently asked “How do I know when to use certain styles on my pages?”. That question can only be answered with “It depends…”. So, as part of our best practices for the web, we’ve developed The Showcase.

We’re going to post here screenshots and examples of pages that have done certain things really well to serve as inspiration for developing your own pages. From there we can discuss how layout relates to the content, and how the examples make great use of the tools available.

Who knows… maybe your page will be featured! :) Stay tuned.