Document Descriptions

We now have the ability to give Documents a description when we upload them into a webpage. When we insert that document, it is the description that will show up as the hyperlink:

In this example, “Some-Document.pdf” is given the Description “Some Document”.

Upload a document with a description

Upload a document and give it a description. In this example “Some-Document.pdf” has the description “Some Document”.


Once the document has been inserted, the text “Some Document” shows up in the WYSIWYG editor rather than “Some-Document.pdf”.

insterted document with description

This is how the document will be inserted when the “Description” field has been filled out. In this case, “Some-Document.pdf” has been inserted with the text “Some Document”.


Here is an example of what happens when the “Description” field is not filled out:

In this example, the “Description” field has not been filled out.

This is how the inserted document appears when the “Description” field has not been filled out.