Web Standards

Web Standards: A combination of best practices, guidelines and specifications that have been set up across the world wide web. By following web standards, we make ourselves accessible and visible to a wider audience.

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility: The practice of making the web usable for all people, with or without disabilities. This includes a design that is easy and intuitive to use and clean code that can be read and understood by a screen reader for someone who is blind.

Local navigation

Local navigation: The left hand menu links that live right below the Section title. This menu holds links that link out to pages within the UNBC website.

The local navigation menu is managed by the office of communications. Request changes to the menu through Livetime.


Section: The UNBC website is divided into sections like Forestry, Geography, About UNBC, etc. The Section title displays in the top left hand corner, right below the main navigation bar. Each section has a local navigation menu with links to all of the pages belonging to that section. Web Editors have access to entire sections of the web.