Updates to Events

We’ve made some updates to the Event content type and display. If you take a look at the Event content type in Drupal at https://drupal.unbc.ca/node/add/event (note that you’ll have to be logged in to see this), you’ll notice that we’ve added in some new fields.

Descriptions on how to use the new fields are included within the form. Training videos and documentation for web editors will be updated in the coming months, but in the meantime feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

Add an Event Cover Image

New field: Event Cover Image

The Event Cover Image will display the image at the top of the Event page display, and also on the Events landing page at www.unbc.ca/events.

This is an Event displaying with a Cover Image (shown at the top), a Video Gallery and an Image Gallery down below.

The Events landing page displays a preview of the Cover Image to the left of the Events listing.

Create a Video Gallery

We’ve added in the ability to add Youtube videos to Events! Just paste the Youtube link into the Videos field.

New field: Videos

Video Gallery display

Add an Image Gallery

Create an Image Gallery directly in the Event by uploading images into the Image Gallery field.

New field: Image Gallery

Image Gallery display



Headings as Links

Links cannot be styled as headings in webpages.

In most cases, styling a link as a heading is not recommended, which is why we’ve eliminated the possibility of styling links as headings.

  • If a heading is also a link, it will appear as a regular heading.
  • To make a heading/link appear as a link again, just remove the heading style.

News Item is now Announcement

We’ve renamed the News Item in Drupal to be Announcement. The content type remains exactly the same, but when you go to create a News Item, it will be called an Announcement instead.

Additionally, the News tab which displays on webpages will remain as News.

Image Size Cheat Sheet

Here are some useful dimensions for resizing images:

Download the PDF Image Size Cheat Sheet

How to Crop Images

There are many ways to crop and resize images. The WYSIWYG editor allows us to resize images, but it does not allow us to crop them. Photoshop is our #1 photo editing software, but it can take time to learn and is costly. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to crop photos, we recommend Pixlr, a browser-based photo editing tool. Visit http://pixlr.com and take a look at the tutorial below to learn more.

Download the Pixlr Tutorial

New Buttons

We’ve included some new button styles with the updated designs:

Buttons created before the design updates are displaying as solid grey buttons. To get the arrow or file extension to display, you will need to re-apply a button style as either a link style or document style.

Some Facts

  • Document Buttons will detect the type of document and display its extension.
  • If there is too much text for the button, the arrow or doc extension won’t display.
  • If there is way too much text for the button, the text will be cut off at the end of the button.
  • Buttons that take up the entire width of the page are not recommended.
  • If a link has too much text for a button, then it should be styled as a regular link.


Adding a Menu Link

When adding a new item to the menu, it can’t link to nothing, therefore the page needs to be created first. We also won’t link to an empty page, so if you create a new page, add your content, and then submit your request for the new link.


  1. Create the new webpage (if it doesn’t already exist).
  2. Submit your request at support.unbc.ca and include the URL of the webpage.

Communications manages all navigation content for the website. We will evaluate how the request relates to all navigation across the UNBC website in terms of consistency of language, content, user experience, and general web standards prior to adding the link.

Learn more about our standards for menus here.